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Have you ever been frustrated because your team missed obtaining some important details? I understand your frustration. As an event planner I hear it all the time from guests how much they enjoy working with me and my team because 'we just seem to know what to ask' when we are making their arrangements to speak, minister or sing at one of our events. As a result of our years of figuring this out, I created a Special Guest Information Sheet to share with others! Get your copy of my Special Guest Information Sheet which removes the guesswork on how to host a special guest. This is the very sheet we use to 'wow' special guests! It features 10 sections that guide you or your assistant through what to ask to ensure every detail is covered. No more surprises or last minute unknowns! This 10 section Excel document guides you and your team through what to ask guest speakers, artists, preachers or anyone that you want to host in excellence! Sections include: Guest Contact Information Travel/Hotel/Accommodations Incidentals Hospitality Preferences Allergies Product Media Release Marketing Needs Event Information And...because it was made in Excel, you can add additional areas to customize it for your specific needs.

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This is an EXCEL spreadsheet created for immediate use! You can type directly on the spreadsheet and use it over and over again!

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